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Accept – German Heavy Metal Pioneers Rock Teaneck, NJ

Updated: Feb 25

Venue: Debonair Music Hall

Location: Teaneck, NJ

Date: October 23, 2022

Tour Name: Too Mean to Die

Guitar: Wolf Hoffmann

Vocals: Mark Tornillo

Guitar: Uwe Lulis

Drums: Christopher Williams

Bass: Martin Motnik

Guitar: Philip Shouse

Guest Vocals: Jason McMaster

Setlist: Zombie Apocalypse > Symphony of Pain > Restless and Wild > London Leatherboys > Midnight Mover > Overnight Sensation > Objection Overruled > The Abyss > Demon's Night / Starlight / Losers and Winners / Flash Rockin' Man (a.k.a. Riff Orgy) > Breaker > The Undertaker > Princess of the Dawn > Fast as a Shark > Metal Heart > Teutonic Terror > Pandemic > Encore: Son of a Bitch > Balls to the Wall > I’m a Rebel

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