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A Welcome Blog From Pit Perspectives

Updated: Feb 25

Hello, I’m Michael, a New York-based photojournalist and music-holic who is addicted to concertgoing, photographing the spectacle, and then writing about the experience. While I have been snapping pics at concerts and festivals since the early-2000s, I decided it was finally time to take my passion to another level.

Pit Perspectives was created during the COVID-19 pandemic, a time when we were all craving live music, and each other. The mission of this online platform is not only to provide a detailed account of the talented musicians that grace our stages for the fans, but to also write about the extraordinary fans attending these shows themselves. Since it is the emotional testimony of the audience that make any concert truly special, my goal as a storyteller will be to weave my interactions with the fans I meet into the overall narrative.

From deserving indie artists to well-established rock stars, detailed coverage of the concert life will be found here, with the ultimate aspiration of becoming a trusted resource for real-time news, daily feature columns, album releases, festival coverage, upcoming events and benefits, tour announcements, exclusive musician interviews and original videos. If you are a writer, photographer or musician and would like to contribute to this blog’s campaign, please feel free to reach out and get into the pit with me!

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